IDK IR with Alexander Beaumont

Debating IR Rounds using IR Theories by Prashasti Saxena

International Relations - The Australasian Debate Training Platform

Isarel by Hadar Goldberg | Training Academy EUDC Madrid

Africa is Not a Country by Francois Brit

Debate workshop on defense and emerging threats by M.Thiessmeier

Development & International Economics - Advanced Training Debate Workshop

States & Economic Policy - Advanced Training Debate Workshop

Framing in Econ Motions by Lovro Sprem

Corporations - Advanced Training Debate Workshop

Debating Economics, with Ruth Silcoff

Debaterji za debaterje (English): The basics of debating Macro Economics.

Debaterji za Debaterje (English): Debating Economic Development Policy

Media by Klaudia Maciejewska

The Cyber Discourse, How it Works and Why We Should Care - by Devi

Socail Media issues by Jessica Musulin

Social Movements - Australasian Debate Training Platform

Debaterji za debaterje (english): Debating issues connected to race and race relations

Debaterji za Debaterje (English): Feminism

Gender and Feminism by Katherine Harris

Law & Criminal Justice - Advanced Training Debate Workshop

Law and Order - The Australasian Debate Training Platform

Principles in Debating - The Australasian Debate Training Platform

Common Principled Arguments - Advanced Training Debate Workshop

Political Philosophy by Brian Wong

Animal Rights by Parth Maniktala

Education by Xiao Ke Lu

Religion by Naomi Panovka

Understanding Intellectual Property by Devashish Trivedi

Debating Art - Advanced Training Debate Workshop

BDC Digital Academy - Ep # 06 - International Relations by Mastura Tasnim

MAD Training 2020 - International Relations

International Relations with Kitty Albert

States & International Actors - Advanced Training Debate Workshop

Applying Realism to IR Debates by Avash Byanjankar

Aigerim Shadeyeva - Kazakhstan 101

MAD Training 2020 - International Relations - Asia

Middle East politics - Ron Leizrowice - debating workshop

Analyzing Protracted Crisis - The New Normal - Giano Libot

Jason Xiao - International Law

Debating Economics by Connor O'Brien

IWDC 2020 Workshop 4 - "Debate Economics" by Niki Linganur

Harish Natarajan: International Economics

Economics - Kyle Atega

BDC Digital Academy Episode#16 Economics by Taosif Amin Khan

MAD Training 2020 - Economics and Crisis

Big Tech by Karthik Bansal

Milos Marjanovic - Big Corporations

Sharmila Parmanand - Understanding Feminist Debates on Choice

Intro to Gender Debates - Sharmila Parmanand

Social Justice by Srijan Poudel

Criminal Justice - Elina Amurlayeva

Criminal Justice by Rachana Nagaraj

MAD Training 2020 - US Supreme Court

Brian Wong - Moral Philosophy

Principles Workshop

Jason Xiao - Charity Workshop: Principles, Extensions, and Fiat

Moral philosophy by Milos

Principles and Philosophy by Shruti Deb

Sports Aren't Low Impact by Brent Schmidt

Individuals, Psychology & Narratives - Advanced Training Debate Workshop